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HOW claritix2 STARTED


With all the busy-ness of the world, it is always good to take time away.  To smell the roses, as they say; as it is simply astounding what is available to see, touch, smell, listen to and just enjoy.  Enjoy all of God's creations in its full glory.  And not necessarily on a safari, or with a professional guide.  But simply by walking around the neighbourhood, as I have. 


This nature website was started as I initially started walking with family and a very close and dear friend of ours.  Initally to get outside.  But then, regularly to stretch our legs and enjoy every bit that the neighbourhood offers.  Nature conservation is then forefront in the diversity of flora (planted by locals), fauna that visit, and the simply glorious combination of people and our environment - all just next to home, literally. 

And to add clarity to what is around us, casually (hence the mis-spell) but accurately. And simply, using only the phone camera to take photographs.

Come with us, and let's explore together. Would love to hear from you when you see something interesting!!

Ⓒ Copyright Claritix2

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