.. a 'cross' of pineapple, guava & mango?

Sounds like .. jam in a jar; but I refer to the rather unique, one of a kind passion fruit (passiflora edulis) that has a sweet-but-also-tart flavour, and a fragrant aroma, which adds to the eating experience. Cut it. Scoop out the passion fruit pulp with a spoon, and simply enjoy passion fruit pulp straight from the shell. The awesome-ness!!

Spotted a coupe on a vine this morning. This unique, totally luscious fruit's flavour tastes like a mix of mango, guava, and pineapple. Not a mix, like in commercial jam; rather nature's very own mixture of some of the best flavours you can taste.

Apparently, c. 1700, the name was given by missionaries in Brazil as an educational aid while trying to convert the indigenous inhabitants to Christianity; its name was flor das cinco chagas or "flower of the five wounds" to illustrate the crucifixion of Christ, with other plant components also named after an emblem in the Passion of Jesus.

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