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.. an odd trio, but as garnishes?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

.. well no longer so odd if you consider the essential ingredients in many dishes.

we were deciding to include some fresh herbs for garnish. And there was this in the garden. Wonder what you think?

Well, in there is this ginger called the torch ginger (etlingera elatior) or more known as bunga kantan. It has since become the quintessential ingredient for a favourite dish of mine - the laksa. For the more technical, it delivers three caffeoylquinic acids, including chlorogenic acid (CGA), and three flavonoids, quercitrin, isoquercitrin and catechin that gives the dish its unique flavours!

this plant is mesmerising. Striking in appearance. Almost exotic, sweet, flowery, piquant flavor of the waxy flower bud, which is high in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Quite the plant.

there is the calamansi (citrus x microcarpa) - often referred to as kumquat. Also known as the calamondin. And in Malaysia, it is known as Limau Kasturi. Used so often in preserves and for garnish or marinade that co-exists with many dishes to enhance scents. Often also in combo with vodka and sugar as a drink. What do you, or would you use it for?

.. there is the spiny amaranth (amaranthus spinosus), also known for its use with the Thai dish, 'phat phak khom' or stir fried vege with egg & minced pork. lovely fragrance. Less popular than the calamansi, but used nevertheless. Agree?

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