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aubergine, eggplant or brinjal

Whatever you call this fruit*, the eggplant, aubergine or brinjal (solanum melongena) its simply delicious. This fruit/berry, is prepared as a culinary vegetable but really a fruit, eggplant is classified as a berry because it contains small, edible seeds. So there!

This wonderful fruit is related to the tomato, chili pepper, and potato. Like the tomato, its skin and seeds can be eaten, but, like the potato, it is usually eaten cooked.

Botanically classified as a berry, the fruit* contains numerous small, soft, edible seeds that taste bitter because they contain or are covered in nicotinoid alkaloids, like the related tobacco.

And one of my favourite dishes is with spicy garlic sauce. This dish is savoury, sweet and piquant, called “Fish-Fragrant” even though there’s no fish in the ingredients! But the flavour and texture of the egg plan is certainly a delight.

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