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dwarf pine-apple

The humble pineapple. But, it's neither apple nor pine.

It appears that one of the initial references this fruit was the c1568 translation from the French of André Thevet's The New Found World, or Antarctike where he refers to a Hoyriri, a fruit cultivated and eaten by the Tupinambá people, living near modern Rio de Janeiro, and now believed to be a pineapple. André then used another Tupi word nanas, meaning 'excellent fruit', & that led to the plant's scientific binomialAnanas comosus. Or the local name nanas. The Oxford English Dictionary's first record of the word pineapple itself by an English writer by Mandeville in 1714. So there!

But I came across the dwarf version of this magnificent fruit this morning. And, as you can see, the full fruit is no larger than the tip of my index or forefinger. And this particular specimen had little purple florets coming out of the main fruit?! The fruit appears to be a collective fruit, formed from the fusion of individual fruits. Fruits are pink in colour, changing to pale yellow at maturity.

Apparently its fruits are edible but extremely bitter – suppose best grown for their great looks and novelty value.

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