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Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Spotted quite a few more fascinating flowers (flora) in the neighbourhood this morning - excited to share. And, just happened to notice that ever so often plants are named after common objects or things. These are 3 examples, named after something else. Take the pagoda flower (clerodendrum), for example that certainly resembles its namesake. It is a spectacular boom.

Then, just a little further down, I came across the rose myrtle (rhodomyrtus), that is just so fragrant especially early in the morning. It has some resemblance with the rose. But interestingly its fruit is used in jams and in Vietnam, made into syrup and a local wine.

Just next to the rhodomyrtus, who can ignore the spectacular and beautiful Singapore Kopsia or white kopsia. That is so often compared to the national flag as both share the same colour palette, and 5 pointed stars (see its petals). This variety apparently is also indigent.

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