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.. red powder puffs.

Each powderpuff looks like a single flower but it is actually made up of many flowers arranged in the shape of a ball. Before they open, the buds resemble raspberries, each bump being an unopened flower.

So. Which one is it? Calliandra Tergemina (red powder puffs) or Metrosideros Polymorpha (native to Hawaii, also known as Ohia Lehua). Either way, you need to agree that this bunch of flowers (actually stamens on the blooms) is simply magnificent and deserves a standing ovation!!

The name Calliandra comes from the Greek word “kallos” for beauty and “andros” for stamens. And both these blooms come from the same family.

And by the way, have you seen the white versions? They certainly look like the real powder puffs!! Let me know where/when you find these!! (& not at the supermarket or pharmacy please)

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