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.. stun-ning. for fish

Spotted the Putat bloom, or the rather pendulous inflorescence. It can grow up to about a meter long, I am told. The blooms are night-blooming as they display some of the most spectacular, filamentous stamens that are white, pink or red. The beautiful, deeply perfumed, rather "asterisk" shaped flowers attract nocturnal visitors.

The bark and fruits of this tree are crushed and used as fish poisons as they contain toxic saponins. Hence, rather 'stun'-ning for fish. And, putat used to expedite that course for dinner!

This bloom has white petals and lots of fine, pink-tipped stamens with yellow pom-poms at its tips. The buds start to grow/swell at about noon, but the petals and stamens do not unfold until nearly sunset when the heavy perfume. And when spotted at sunrise the entire circle of stamens and petals have fallen off the tree, ready to be observed (below) - a morning feature of local riverines.

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