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.. the awesome cannonball - growing on a tree.

The Cannonball (couroupita guianensis). But on a tree.

It is a curious plant. I find it's just so inspiring and curious at the same time. Curious because it has a humongous trunk is intertwined with a mass of thick long stalks bearing large, magnificent blooms or flowers and these cannonball fruits. Fascinating to e because, unlike most usual trees, this one bears their flowers and fruits on the trunk, rather than on its branches. Yes, its trunk (see the specimen in the photograph below)

The fruits are filled with a smelly and soft red pulp. The fruit flesh is white and turns blue upon oxidation, a reaction with air. And old fruits disintegrate slowly to liberate the many seeds.

Its flowers are strongly scented, and are especially fragrant at night and in the early morning. And like an alien, there are two areas of stamens: a ring of stamens at the centre, and an arrangement of stamens that have been modified into a hood.

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