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.. the ol' stink bomb, trick.

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Sharp pincers, teeth and claws. Camouflage, tough skins, and fierce looks are among animals’ great defenses. This fella here, the rice ear bug (leptocorisa oratoria) prefers to release a stink - the oldest trick in the book - smelly, yucky pungent odour.

Imagine, you are a predator after a juicy bite. Then, wham! Nothing pulls the plug on attraction, even just social attraction, like a bad bouquet. Quite effectively.

As previously highlighted, this variety of yellow mai flower is also the one and the same mickey mouse plant (ochna serrulata). An unlikely stop for the rice-ear bug, but then again, perhaps it was trying to work out its way to Disneyland & home of Mickey Mouse?!

Awesome as this plant and creature are, they also share a common trait - as both are pests. The bug is called a bug for a reason. And ochna integerrima is a weed in New South Wales and southern Queensland in eastern Australia, as well as New Zealand.

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