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.. plant's parts, working as a team

Leaves. And Flowers. But working as a team?

Whether its sepals are enlarged & mimic leaves, or leaves that turn colour to mimic petals - this is a smart plant indeed. Flaunting its 'stuff' to attract pollinators!

The recently spotted the Mussaenda Pubescens/Philippica. Often also referred to as the Bangkok Rose or in another country the Daun Puteri/Nusa Indah. Where its leaves change colour around the small flowers, to improve pollination. The coloured leaves make the small flowers a lot more conspicuous and visible to potential pollinators.

the white version is also knowns as the dhobi tree - also like hanging the washing out to wash (dhobi)?

And the pink version below, has eye-catchy salmon-pink bracts.

In most cases, petals attract pollinators, and the sepal and bract often support the flower. But in this instance, it looks like its leaves have evolved to look like petals, to assist in attracting pollinators.

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