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The Assignment Mike Murdock Pdf 20 brevytg




God’s Assignment (4.30MB) (English / Pdf) God’s Assignment "Yea, the LORD God will be a strong rock for his people, a [SP-386] firm [Bible study on God's assignment][sp-386] will lead you to the way” Psalm 78:70 And as the Lord Jesus said in his answer to the Sadducees about his death: “And this is the will of the Father, that of all that He has given Me I shall lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day.” John 6:39 "Unconverted people live at war with God and He with them. Just as there is war between the nations, so too the heathen is at war with God, and the unconverted dwell in darkness. The eternal justice of God demands that the world be enlightened with the light of the gospel before the judgment seat. To delay this final judgment is sin. "God designed the Bible for men and women to use for the purpose of living righteously before Him. He not only put the Word into their hearts, but he also provides them with a written Word to memorize and teach. That Bible is the Word of God to enable them to live for Him. In the beginning, God asked mankind to worship and obey Him through the Ten Commandments. "But mankind disobeyed, and their rebellion against God brought forth evil into the world. In the days of Noah and in the days of Lot, God sent prophets to warn the people and teach them what to avoid. That was enough to satisfy God’s wrath. But, as the flood went on, God grew weary of the people's unbelief. He wanted to get their attention. So He sent His Son to mankind with the ultimate message of Salvation. "But mankind continued to reject the message of God's son until the day He sent His Holy Spirit. He assured the saints that He would never leave them or forsake them. He will never condemn them. He will give them His Holy Spirit, even to the day of the end. "But mankind will reject the message and continue to sin. Because they continue in their sins, God will send the last of the seven plagues to get their attention. But, the people will continue to mock God. He will send the angel of death to kill every living thing on the earth. They will be rescued by the only One who




The Assignment Mike Murdock Pdf 20 brevytg

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